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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 18, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. the "news nation" is following the republican party's brand new game plan. the party chairman reince priebus unveiling a 100-page taups that breaks down the failures of the 2012 election and the report is a harsh assessment of the challenges facing the gop. >> there's no one reason we lost. our message was weak. our ground game was insufficient.
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we weren't inclusive. we were behind in both data and digital. and our primary and debate process needed improvement. so there's no one solution. there is a long list of them. >> priebus says the republican national committee should do a few things immediately about some of the problems spelled out in the report, starting with a $10 million outreach program targeting african-american latino and younger voters, a rt shoer primary season, fewer debates and an earlier convention. more emphasis on early voting. an as that he can of voter turnout where democrats have fared much better. and the report also suggests using more hollywood celebrities to help change perceptions. and it plans to rip a page from the obama play book by launching a complete revamp of digital technology. senior editor mark murray is here with more on what this means and what this does not mean, necessarily. what, first of all, what can we
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glean from this report about the direction that priebus now wants to take the gop? >> well, this is about a party trying to find its bearing after losing two straight presidential elections and not winning the popular vote in five out of the past six elections. one of the guide posts that priebus and the report lays out is to say, look, let's follow the pattern that republican governors across the country have been able to do. these governors are having a lot of successful there are 30 across the country. we follow their path and not the federal one, that is a better path to success. however, the one point is that a lot of those republican governors were all elected in 2009 and 2010 at a time when the unemployment rate was about 10%. since its gone down, the question is whether you could have that same type of success. >> now if first read, you talk with the redistricting efforts. the national journal's charlie cook asking, by joining themselves into safe lily white strongholds, have republicans
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inadvertently boxed themselves into an alternate universe that bears little resemiblanks to the rest of the country? how does redistricting, how does it hurt the gop's ability to reach minority voters? >> well, first it helped in the short term by allowing them to hold on to the house in 2012 despite losing the popular house vote across the country. but what it did was put more whites into white districts and put minorities in the democratic districts all in an effort to protect republican incouple benlts. as charlie cook lays out there, we need to have a better effort to reach out to latinos, to african-americans. when you have republican who are just representing white americans, it is very hard to speak to that. >> how can you reach out and talk to folks if none of them live near you? >> precisely. >> really quickly before i let you go, a lot of these issues
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played out over the weekend. there was some disagreement over how much the gop needs to change its message or the messengers in the wake of the election losses. what was your take on how close the party is coming to having upper identified message? >> oh, craig, it is still a long time away. we saw some republican who's said everything was fine. the ideas are fine. the idea is america to folks like rand paul who said we need a brand new political party. a new gop. the thing is this debate will be happening over the next couple years and we won't find out where the republican party is for a while. democrats were just in this position after losing the 2004 election. they had very big debates, particularly over the iraq war in 2005, 2006. then everything was settled. we'll see where republicans are come 2015 and 2016. >> mark murray, good to see you. let's bring in radio talk show
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host michael smerconish who is also with msnbc and jonathan from american cross roads. thank you for being with me. jonathan, let me start with you. this is what rnc chair reince priebus said. >> focus groups describe our party as narrow minded, out of touch and, quote, stuffy old men. the perception that we're the party of the rich, unfortunately continues to grow. that's frustrating. because we care about every voter. >> what does this plan do? what does plan do to change those perceptions at least? >> i think it is a very, very good start. a very good framework of what needs to be changed tactically among the party to get our message across better to identify voters, to be able to find them where they are and to be able to win elections through better tacticses.
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most of it was about changing the tactics. the way we're communicating our message to voters. if we're not, the obama campaign did an incredible job defining mitt romney. if we were the party of the rich, that was basically six months of heavy advertising by the democrats. i think it was important to reposition ourselves. to talk to voters clearly about what we stand for. >> it sounds like what we're hearing, the mention is fine for the most part. no major problems with the message. it is how we are reaching voters and how we are delivering that mention. is that a fair assessment? >> i wouldn't say, there are things we can do to talk about our policies better. there are ways we can improve our message. he didn't talk so much about policies and i thought that's a clear point that needs to be made with regard to this rollout. there are a lot of tactical changes we need to make as a party and a movement to talk to people in a more clear way. >> save immigration. we'll talk about that. one of the major recommendations from the report has to do with
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the primary process. the rnc wants to move toward a shorter primary season. fewer debates in the last cycle. and we've seen some push back on that point. chief adviser john saying, i am troubled by the possibility of a condensed primary pros chess undoubtedly gives an advantage to an establishment backed candidates and the wealthiest candidates as well. how is the rnc going to be able to enforce some of these things they're talking about? >> and how much of a difference will it really make at the end of the day? >> i think it will make a great difference but i don't think it goes far enough. what the gop needs to do is water down the fringe influence. the gop needs to set up a primary process where kristine o'don won't defeat mike kassel in delaware to go on and lose the general election. i think what the party should be doing is taking a long hard look at open primaries.
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because craig, there has been an absolute exodus of independent-types from the gop who are sitting out there and available to select more mainstream candidates if only they were allowed to vote in a primary process. the narrowing of the gop is such now that whoever is most to the right has a distinct advantage in a primary, even if they could never win a general election. this document doesn't correct that shortcoming. >> opening the primary process. >> yep. that's the solution. >> jonathan, what do you think about that? >> i think that the main thing they're concerned that from the rnc, we basically have a primary process that in 2012 in august, and mitt romney effectively became the nominee at some point at the end of april, early may. so there was literally three months there where romney was getting savagely attacked by obama and the democrats and the super pac and he was unable to respond because most of the money could only be used after the primaries.
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they want to move pup. there isn't any utility in having the convention so late. >> let's talk about this digital platform the gop wants to put in place. a guy named rob louie, this is what he said to the "wall street journal." i'm confident conservatives can close the digital gap but we should not rely on the republican party to do it. we must invest in solutions going to build a movement that advances ideas rather than a political party. i read that as there seem to be some friction over who will have access to, and control of this new gop treasure trove of data. >> this is where the campaign laws play a very important part. an outside group like american cross roads can't coordinate with a candidate so it doesn't make sense for a data project where you can give data out. it doesn't make sense. the rnc has it right. it needs to be with the rnc.
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they're talking about sourcing with it other group like the guy from heritage but i think it has to be run from the party. i think that has more to do with campaign laws than maybe that person who was quoted thinks. >> one of the most interesting things i thought to come out of this report, an official endorsement of immigration reform. at least it says in part, we are not a policy committee but among the steps republicans take in the hispanic community and beyond, we must embrace and champion comprehensive immigration reform. if we do not, our party's appeal will continue to shrink to its core constituencies only. is this another one where they will be butting heads with some of their own rank and file? >> not if the rank and file read the totality of that document and understand the shift in the country that the rnc is trying to adapt to and anticipate. notice that the document was essentially silent with regard to same sex relationships and a gay rights agenda. on this issue, they acknowledge
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that it is a litmus test of sorts. if republicans don't come to terms with this fact and get behind some sort of a universal stance on immigration, they won't be able to win general elections. i think that's probably a correct pronouncement. some always good to see you. thanks, gentlemen. still ahead, hillary clinton comes out in support of gay marriage. >> a few years ago, bill and i celebrated as our own daughter married the love of her life. and i wish every parent that same joy. >> it's not a surprising announcement from the former secretary of state but it is significant and also why now? we'll talk about that. plus, budget link proposals from both parties are expected to hit the house and senate floor. what do the planss say about the mere chances of a grand bargain? we'll talk to the top democrat in the house committee. don't forget, you can join the
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the house and senate are expected to debate dooling federal budget plans offered by democrats and republicans. we saw the debate rage yesterday on "meet the press." >> i disagree with what the democrats are doing. you try to build as much debt as you can take until you topple the entire economy. >> there budget is built on a hoax. on the one handled they say it balances in ten years.
11:17 am
on the other hand they say they repeal obama care. but they keep the savings in obama care. if you would repeal obama care today, their budget would not be in balance. >> you saw him there, the democratic congressman, the top democrat on the committee. good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> in the past hour, you announced what you're calling a house democratic budget alternative. first of all, what is it and how is it different from the previous plan offered by the senate? >> well, it is similar to the senate plan. in other words, we also focus on job creation and accelerating the economy right now. then we address the long term budget deficit in a balanced way where we ask for shared responsibility as opposed to the republican plan which provides another tax break wind fall to very wealthy people at the end of everybody else. the expense of the middle class, the expense of commitments to seniors. so our focus right now is to
11:18 am
number one, do no harm to the economy. number two, invest in a jobs plan that will help put people back to work. whether building roads or bridges or infrastructure or other things important to our economy. >> why will it take until 2040 to balance the budget under your plan? >> well, if you actually look at the past 40 years, we've only had four balanced budgets. those were during the clinton years and once leaning over to the bush years and then they squandered that balance. so the reason we do that is our focus is on jobs, craig. our focus is on meeting our commitments to seniors. we will not balance the budget on the backs of our kids' education or on the backs of our commitments to seniors. whether it is under medicare or medicaid. what we do is immediately begin to reduce the deficit so they're growing much slower than the economy. which is the important measure.
11:19 am
and then we gradually get the balance in the year round 2040. which by the way is the same year that the republican balance last year, the budget last year came into balance before they changed their priority. their priority now is balance at all costs. and our approach is focus on jobs in the economy and get the deficit down in a smart way. >> let's talk about the sequester for just a moment. what's the likelihood at this point that the sequester stays in place for the rest of the year? the fiscal year? >> well, it would be a big mistake for it to stay in place. that's why we propose in our budget to replace it so you can get the same deficit reduction benefit but over a longer period of time. >> but political feasibility. what's the likelihood it stays in place? >> well, political feasibility depends on whether or not republicans will come around on this issue. right now as you know, they're dug in. they're saying no. in fact we've asked four times now for simply a vote on the
11:20 am
floor of the house to replace the sequester. they've said no. to give you an idea how damaging it will become and increasingly so over time, the professionals around here, the nonpartisan congressional budget office says we will have 750,000 fewer jobs. i just got yesterday a letter from the head of the big biotech company in my district saying they were imposing a hiring freeze right now because of the sequester. so that means fewer people hired to do important work now. >> before we go, i do want to ask but the ongoing power struggle between congress and the united states postal service. congress seems poised to try to force the post office to continue saturday mail delivery as part of a government spending bill. the house has passed that bill. the senate is expected to follow suit. perhaps as early as tomorrow. walk us through the thinking here. what is the thinking? >> well, the thinking is that one of the things that attracts
11:21 am
people to use in the use postal service is that they have had good service. the concern is if you begin to erode the qual of the service, you will see a downward spiral. they will be able to less to compete as a result of that. what we should do is change some of the requirements we've imposed that aren't imposed on any other entity. public or private entity. for example, we require that they prefund 75 years of their health care. there's no private sector company that is required to do that. and no other part of the u.s. government is doing that. they would actually have been in surplus last year. this is postal service. had it not been for that requirement that only they pay. so there are things we can do to give them more flexibility without it being the flexibility to reduce needed services. again, these are choices we'll have to decide as we go along. >> maryland congressman, chris
11:22 am
van hollen. good to see you. let's bring in the political panel. the white house report he for politico and democratic strategist and msnbc contributor, jimmy williams, good to see both of you. this warring ten-year budget plan. these plans that will come before the house and the senate this week. what can we speck to happen in. >> i think we'll see the plans pass each chamber. but they're sharply at odds. so it is not the struggle they'll face within each chamber. it is what happens when paul ryan and patty murray tried to reconcile the two. and there will certainly be an attempt to do that. because these are the two packages, or this is the vehicle that the president is looking to to try to get something larger on the debt and deficit. because there are very few remaining paths for the president to try to get a grand bargain. one is the budget process that is commencing simultaneously in each chamber for the first time in a good number of years.
11:23 am
so this is an unusual circumstance and one that provides an opportunity for the president, however, like i said, very, very different plans. >> let's talk about that. you wrote a piece that i really enjoy. in that piece you wrote, you called the budget process as we now know it, a sham of sorts. how so? >> well interesting budget doesn't have a force of law. it isn't signed by the president of the united states. we didn't have a budget from 1789 to 1921. until that time, the congress just passed appropriations bills, funded wars, civil wars, the end of slavery, et cetera, et cetera. and we went through the great depression. all these things happened and we never had a budget. in 1921, a republican house, a republican senate gave warren harding republican president the ability for the first time in the history of the country to submit a budget to the congress. guess what has happened every time since then?
11:24 am
nothing. the point is the budget process is a sham. the only point is to tell the appropriate ators how much they can spend. she said something interesting. she said for the first time in a long time, they'll use this small micro budget process to hopefully get a big deal. and that is a good thing. we like that idea that washington would come together in a bipartisan way and come one a big deal. is not it ironic for the last four years, the democrats haven't done a budget. the republicans didn't do three budgets and the world still keeps spinning on its axis. it is a big huge sham. maybe this time they can turn it into something positive. >> i'll take your soap box for a second. let's talk about the likelihood that we get this so-called grand bargain or medium size bargain or small bargain, any sort of bargain. what are the chances best we can gather? >> i honestly think there's a lot of pessimism. you've heard yesterday on the sunday talk shows, both speaker
11:25 am
boehner and kevin mccarthy saying, another republican leader saying we're done with revenue. and you saw in response, dan pfeiffer, i'm sorry, now senior adviser in the white house tweeting out that unless republicans talk about revenue, this is going nowhere. i've been hearing that out of the white house. what does this charm offensive last week, where is this leading? what is the white house looking to do with this to see whether there is a grand bargain that's possible. the response i keep getting is republicans have to accept forward on revenue. with the exception of senator corker yesterday, you're not seeing a lot of movement there. i think that's why this process, this regular order process that we're seeing moving in the senate might provide some sort of hope for at least a process to get people talking. people aren't. the president isn't talking with the leaders in any sort of intensive fashion. and even though people are all saying the right thing, there is not a lot of movement toward
11:26 am
brass tacks negotiating. >> one of the things that strikes me, on both sides, you have parties saying that we like, some saying we like to close some of these loopholes. we like to limit deductions. the devil in the details seems to be when they start talking about what to do with that new revenue. to pay down the debtor is it used as tax revenue? >> well, that's always been the debate. that was the debate we had in 1986 when we did the '86 tax bill toward the end of reagan's second term. that was supposed to be a revenue neutral bill. it did nothing but expand the number of loopholes for corporate america. that's how they got the bill passed. they bought off every entity and gave them a special provision. that's how you got it done. it died about 5,000 times until bob packwood got it over the line. let's be clear about what this is all about. the real key here is march 27th. the reason it is is because we
11:27 am
have a continuing resolution to fund that building in the entire federal government. that expires on march 27th. until the senate can pass a bill the next week or so, and the house just swallowed it. the government will shut down. that's the thing that no one is talking about. that's the biggest problem. the tax reform, that's way down the road. >> thanks to both of you. >> thanks, craig. still ahead, the family of a new orleans teacher who has been missing for almost three week now, searching for answers. >> whoever has her, they're taking care of her, if they're mistreating her. >> we're going to talk to the missing teacher's mother and sister about the efforts to get her home. also, new york mayor michael bloomberg working on new legislation to reduce cigarette smoking.
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the supreme court is hearing arguments in a case that could impact voting laws across this country. the justices are weighing an arizona law that tries to keep illegal immigrants from voting. prop 200 as it is called. proposition 200 requires residents to prove their citizenship before registering to vote. proponents say the law will reduce voter fraud but civil rights groups say it is an effort to discourage legal residents from voting as well. four other laws have similar voting requirements and 12 more could soon follow. robert barnes is the correspondent for the "washington post." how does this arizona law work and why do some folks say that it violates federal law? >> well, this is a part of the federal law called the motor voter law which makes it easier for people to register to vote. with part of this law, you can
11:32 am
mail in your registration request and you sign that you swear that you were a citizen under oath. and send it in. what arizona wants to do is in those forms, they want you to also provide some sort of proof that you are a citizen. a driver's license number or if you don't have that, then a copy of a birth certificate or something like that. >> why are some folks saying it violates federal law? >> well, the federal law on registration says all you have to do is fill out this card. and it says that states must use this form. so the conflict is whether or not arizona can add a requirement on to that. no one says that noncitizens should vote. everyone agrees that they can't. the question is whether arizona can require them to prove that they are citizens or whether simply signing this federal form is all that should be required. >> proponents say voter fraud
11:33 am
continues to be a problem in arizona but recently, the associated press found that only a handful of noncitizens registered to vote in just three states, actually. if that's true, that study is true, how are folks citing fraud as a reason to support the law? how are they able to make that case? >> they're saying you can't just sort of trust everyone. justice scalia said if someone was going to violate the law by trying to vote as a noncitizen, they wouldn't have a problem signing the form that swears they're a citizen. so arizona and some other states have that, we want additional proof that you are a citizen. the question of whether or not there is widespread voter fraud is one that has gone on quite a while. there are really some big partisan differences there. about whether you believe there is much voter fraud or not. >> it is true that the studies that have looked to see how many
11:34 am
noncitizens have registered, they found a pretty small number. >> robert barnes, supreme court correspondent for the "washington post." thank you. >> you're welcome. thank you. still ahead on "news nation," europe preparing for a run on the banks after cypress announces plans. we'll get some insight on what all this can mean for the global financial system. first, there is a lot going on and here are a few of the things we thought you should know. new york city mayor michael bloomberg is proposing a law that would require stores to keep cigarettes and other tobacco products out of sight. they said it is meant to protect the city's children. >> such displays suggest that smoking is a normal activity and they invite young people to experiment with tobacco. this is not a normal activity and experimenting when you have something that is addictive is the first step to being addicted. >> the legislation will be introduced wednesday. if passed, it would be the first such law in the country.
11:35 am
senator john mccain is apologizing for calling senators rand paul and ted cruz, quote, wacko birds. mccain said it was inappropriate and he respects both paul and cruz and the work they do in the senate. and attempt to illegally obtain absentee ballots last year is the first known case of a cyberattack. it involves more than 2,000 phantom requests for absentee ballots in miami county. it goes to ip address from ireland, england and india. experts say it exposes the dangers of putting voting systems online. bucks for your d. the truth? at allstate, you could pay zero. allstate gives you a hundred dollars off your deductible the day you sign up. then another hundred off every year you don't have an accident.
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with the right soil... i can't believe your mom let you take her car! this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. wall street is rebounding by some triggering concerns about europe's debt crisis. take a look. the dow down about 6.5.
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at one point it was down more than 100 causing the concerns this time, a bailout plan for the tiny island nation of cyprus that will tax up to 10% of bank deposits the co-anchor of cnbc. there were reports of runs on the banks in cyprus. we also of course know there is a ripple effect throughout europe. what's the latest? >> the banks in cyprus have been closed today. at least the branches have been closed so major transfers of money have been stopped dead in their tracks. there are people lined up at the atms who are trying to withdraw the most they can in any one day which is typically 400 euro, about $500 u.s. those atms seem to be functioning. throughout the rest of the euro zone and the countries that have been most stricken by the europe recession over there, italy, spain, there are no reports runs
11:40 am
on the banks which many had feared. as you point out, this was the first type that bank deposits savors money was actually going to be withheld to help defray the cost of bailing out cyprus's banks which are given the size of that tiny little country, with an economy the size of vermont, the banks are huge. >> yeah. and here's the thing. i don't know if a lot of folks realize this. 30, 35% of the deposits in the banks in cyprus are foreigners. >> they are. some of it is hot money. some of it is dark money that may be laundered. and a lot of it happens to belong to russian oligarchs who use it as a tax haven which has not endeared then to anybody else in the euro zone. but they've used it for money laundering. this is one reason it sounds
11:41 am
convenient to tax depositors. because so many are foreigners of so it is not the tax payer of cyprus who will pay the full brun or the taxpayers of cyprus and the depositors. at love that money will come from apparently big deposit holders. many of whom are foreign, especially russian. >> cnbc. always appreciate your insight. thank you. the high school football players found guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl broke down after the verdict came down. but steubenville is not the out of the spotlight just yet. plus -- >> terrilyn has a beautiful soul. she wanted to help new orleans by coming out here. >> a new orleans teacher missing for nearly three weeks now. coming up, her mother and sister will join me to talk about the efforts to bring her home. please.
11:42 am
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right now, a desperate search is underway to find the beloved teach here vanished nearly three weeks ago. terrilyn monnette disappeared after celebrating with her friends. today searchers are using sonar technology to coma murky bayou. they're looking for that honda accord she was last seen in. detectives admit they have very few leads. joining me, her sister candace and her mother toni. thank you for being with me. and candace, let me start with you. what are investigators telling you? >> well, right now, we know that tim miller who is the person in charge of equisearch, his equipment on his boat broke down so he had to go back to houston
11:46 am
and he is actually going to be coming back. he was supposed to be back out there today searching. >> okay, toni, what do you think happened to your daughter? >> i honestly feel someone has her. i really believe someone has her. >> what makes you think that? >> i just have a feeling. i've walked near the area where they're searching in the water. and i feel that if she was there, i would sense it. and i do not have no sense of her being there. >> a mother's intuition. >> what was your last conversation with her? >> it was a brief conversation on friday evening. we talk every day. and we just spoke like we normally speak. i didn't sense anything in her voice that led me to believe that there was a problem or anything. and i said, okay, baby, good night and i'll talk to you tomorrow. i said i love you and i'll talk
11:47 am
to you tomorrow. >> i'm sorry. go ahead. >> i was going to say, but when the next day came, i didn't get to speak to her. i did not get to hear her voice. her phone was going to voicemail all day and that's when i knew something was definitely wrong. >> kandice, what do we know about what happened that night? >> all we know is i spoke to terrilyn friday evening at 6:30. and she was heading to dinner with a couple of her friends to celebrate her nomination as teacher of the year. and i spoke to her. it was a regular conversation. no distress or any stress or anything like that in her voice. spoke to her briefly. and she was fine. she sounded happy. >> more than 1,600 people are informing the facebook page
11:48 am
dedicated to finding her. hundreds have volunteered to go out on those local searches. what is all of that support? what has it meant to you? >> there has been so overwhelmingly, i couldn't believe the magnitude of people that have reached out trying to help us locate terrilynn by doing the fund-raisers. words can't explain how i feel about that. everyone, even now, they're still calling. we're doing this, miss toni, we're doing that. they're doing everything they can possibly do to assist us in finding terrilynn. >> if she is watching right now, or if someone who is with her is watching right now, what message would you have for them? >> i would like to just say that
11:49 am
we just want terrilynn back safe and unharmed. that's it. just please just bring her back. terrilynn was not only my sister but was my best friend. and i just feel like a piece of me is missing without her here. if you can just please, just make sure that she gets back to us safe and unharmed. that's all that we want. that's all that we ask. >> before i let you ladies go here, in addition to being a wonderful daughter and a best friend and a sister, she was also apparently one heck of a school teacher down there in new orleans. >> yes, she was. >> tell us about that. >> she is, terrilynn has always had a passion for teaching. it was something that she always wanted to do even when she was in second grade. she wanted to be a teacher and she has impacted those kids. she's brought their test scores up. she's been unremarkable to say that she's only been teaching a year and a half. it will be two years in may that
11:50 am
she's been teaching. in that length of time, she's been unremarkable. unremarkable. i'm so, so proud of my daughter and i feel that it is not over yet. she has to accomplish more. that's why she has to continue doing what she's doing and that is to teach them. >> do keep us posted. >> thank you so much. >> we'll be right back. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
11:51 am
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11:53 am
investigating the plane crash tops our news. two people were killed, three more hurt when a private jet crashed into several homes in south bend, indiana yesterday. one of the victims was former oklahoma quarterback steven davis. at the university of central florida in orlando reopened a
11:54 am
few hours ago after officials removed bombs from a dorm room there. the authorities were responding to a fire alarm when they found the student dead from an aapparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. they also discovered one improvised explosive device, a handgun and an assault weapon. and few fallout from the steubenville, ohio rape case. the grand jury will look at whether more charges should be filed in the case. two high school football players were convicted in the case that involved an alcohol-fueled night of partying. the judge found them guilty based on eyewitness testimony. hundreds of incriminating text messages, plus some cell phone videos. hillary clinton today endorsed same sex marriage. she did so in a video posted by the human rights campaign. >> where should the red line be
11:55 am
drawn? >> that's clearly not the right video there. but clinton's announcement comes a week before the supreme court will hear arguments on same sex marriage. it also come ten days after her husband formally announced his support. i want to bring in nbc news deputy political editor. let's talk about the timing of this announcement. hillary clinton previously had not come out in fare of same sex marriage but she did take steps when she ran. why this announcement, why now? >> it will certainly stoke speculation about her potential run in 2016 if she decides to do so. these are the first political comments she's made after leaving the secretary of state post. this is really becoming a litmus test for democratic candidates. you will probably see the nominee for the democratic party have to be in favor of same sex marriage from here on out. it is a fascinating development.
11:56 am
>> last week, first of all over the weekend we heard from rob portman. last week, former president clinton, also expressing his support for overturning the defense of marriage act in 1996 which he signed into law. it seems to be lately every few days there is a top ranking politician who come out in favor of same sex marriage on either side of the aisle. what is the likelihood we'll see more of this over the next weeks and months? >> well, even the rnc autopsy that came out today hinted at this being a potential issue that needed to be addressed by republicans. i do think that you're in the middle of history. you're seeing the aircraft carrier kind of turn on this. and has gone very quickly in just the last five years. and it all goes directly to polling. if you, i hate to be cynical about it but politicians move very easily when it looks like it is a popular issue. and it has become much more favorable to be in favor of same sex marriage, rather than being
11:57 am
against it. it provides a lot more cover for politicians who might have been leaning that direction to now be able to say that they're for it. >> good to see you. >> thanks. time for the news nation gut check. we told you earlier about the republican national committee's autopsy of the 2012 election. what they intend to do to correct past mistakes. reince priebus said the party is ready to reach out. they're launching a $10 million program to reach the voters. they said they've done a bad job getting the message out. in his words, the party's principles are sound. it just needs to communicate better. but our first read team asks, what if it's the policies and not the messaging? quote, you can argue that the gop's past opposition to obama care and immigration reform as well as its pursuit of voting laws that impact minority communities has been just as significant to its performance with these voters.
11:58 am
what does your gut tell you? is the gop's problem its policy or its messaging? go to to vote. that does it for this edition of "news nation." "the cycle" is up next. anncr: an s victims are... without homes tonight. girl: first, i saw it on cable. then i read about it online. i found out how to help. i downloaded the info. i spoke up... and told my friends... and they told their friends... and together, we made a difference. anncr: and tornado relief has been pouring in from... across the country. girl: we might be hundreds of miles apart... but because we're connected, it's like we're all neighbors.
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